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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Beef

  • Do you use hormones or antibiotics on your cattle? Are they grass finished?

    All Bently Ranch beef is Certified Hormone Free, Certified Natural, and is grass fed and grass finished. Our cattle are born in a pasture, allowed to grow as nature intended, and never fed anything to speed that process. When cared for in a such a way antibiotics are not needed. If a cow requires medicine of any kind, that cow is removed from the program and is not included in our grass fed beef store.

    Our cattle graze on native range and irrigated pasture all year. At times we supplement them with hay that is raised on our ranch in the same manner as our cattle and grass: naturally. They never receive grains or concentrated feeds.

  • What is Dry Aging and its benefits?

    At Bently Ranch we know that great beef takes time. We allow our cattle to grow at a natural pace, and we dry age our beef for three weeks before it is packaged for sale. The reasons for this are twofold. First, aged beef loses up to one third of its moisture content, allowing the natural flavors to concentrate. Second, the naturally occurring enzymes in the muscle break down the connective tissues resulting in very tender beef.

    The meat is kept at freezing temperatures in a USDA inspected facility, maintaining strict quality standards the entire time. This process is more expensive, but it is the best way to enjoy our grass fed beef.

  • What USDA grading does Bently Ranch Beef have?

    The way the USDA grades beef is based on the fat content of the cuts, or marbling. Grass fed beef has considerably less fat than conventionally raised beef, which means that the very best grass fed beef will not make a Prime rating. Grass fed beef is graded Choice or Select. Our meat is very tender and flavorful because of the breeds we use, the dry aging process, and their natural diet.

  • Is grass fed beef cooked differently than conventional beef?

    As you may know, the fat in grass fed beef is less saturated than the fat in conventional beef. It is also much higher in Omega 3 fatty acids. That means that this fat will liquefy at a lower temperature. So grass fed beef will cook faster than what you may be used to with conventional beef. It is best to use the rule of 25’s: 25 degrees less heat and 25% less time. That will help you consistently have a great eating experience.

  • How are your cattle harvested?

    Our cows are harvested in a small scale, local processing facility called Wolf Pack Meats. It is part of the University of Nevada, Reno. The facility is USDA inspected, and follows all guidelines for humane animal slaughter. We only use facilities that meet the strictest quality control measures.

    Because we familiarize our cattle with humans, they do not react with fear when we send them to be harvested, ensuring they are not unnecessarily stressed.

  • What breeds of cattle do you use?

    Our cattle are predominantly Angus and Hereford. This is a combination of breeds that we have been working on for years to increase the quality of our beef.

  • Does freezing beef affect its quality?

    Freezing any food preserves the nutrients, and allows you to enjoy your eating experience anytime, anywhere.

  • How long is beef good in the freezer?

    As long as the packaging remains intact, beef is good in your freezer for a year or more. We recommend eating your beef within 6 months for the best eating experience.


  • Where we ship

    We ship to Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington.

    Please note: We do not ship to PO boxes. 

  • Standard Shipping Cost & Speed

    Shipping costs are included in all meat prices, so there are no additional charges for our standard shipping. However, to recoup the cost of shipping, we require online customers purchase $50 or more of beef. 

    All meat will be packed with dry ice, and sent in a bio-degradable insulated cooler via Overnight or 2 Day Shipping.

    If your order is received by 10am Tuesday-Thursday, your order will be shipped that day.

    If your order is received after 10am Thursday, or on Friday-Monday, your order will be shipped on Tuesday.

    No signature is required at time of delivery, however we can add signature required for no extra charge.

  • Guaranteed Delivery Times

    The delivery address you provide must be to your place of residency, place of business or a safe place where you can pick up your order.

    Check the order as soon as it arrives, and be sure to put the meat in the freezer as soon as possible after it arrives.

    We use Golden State Overnight, and they guarantee that your package will be delivered by 5pm. UPS is an option for overnight delivery for an additional fee.

  • Tracking & Email Notifications

    We will email you as to your order confirmation, and provide you with a tracking number when your meat ships.

    We’ll also keep you informed as to any order changes.

  • Is overnight shipping available?

    We can ship overnight with UPS, however there is an extra charge to do so. GSO will be 2-day shipping to Arizona, California, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Western Nevada is overnight shipping through GSO.

  • What about returns?

    When dealing with a perishable product like meat, returns are not possible.

    When you place your meat order, we make every effort to get it right. If there is a problem with your order, contact us within seven (7) days and we will correct it.

Meat Availability

  • Can I purchase my meat for pick up at the Bently Ranch Butcher Shop?

    Yes! Please call us at 775.782.6328 to place your order. In store pick up pricing excludes shipping costs. We are open Monday-Friday 10am to 6pm and Saturday 9am to 4pm. Please give us your name when you come to pick up your order.

  • Can I purchase Bently Beef at the grocery store?

    Bently Beef is currently only available for purchase online and from the Bently Ranch Butcher Shop and Bently Ranch Office.

  • Do you have larger packs available than what is on your website?

    Yes, we do. We offer large custom packages. Contact us for current pricing at 775.782.6328.

  • Is your beef available year round?

    Yes, we manage our pastures and herds so we can harvest cattle all year. However, we do sell out from time to time. This is always temporary.